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Hi Everyone! I thought I’d do a little PSA on crop ratios today! Over the years I’ve had several clients who go to order their own prints, only to get them back cropped awkwardly and they’re left confused. Why did I lose so much of my image? The print lab did something wrong! So this is something that a lot of people don’t know, photo print ratios are totally off! Pictures are taken in camera at a 4×6 ratio, but an 8×10 crops out two inches! TWO inches of your photo! You’d actually need an 8×12 to get the full frame of the image. A 5×7 is the same way, you also lose some of the image, though not as much as an 8×10. Unfortunately this is just the world we live in for standard prints and frames! I’ve never understood why a 8×12 frame isn’t an option to buy, if you wanted that for your photos you’d have to get it custom framed. That’s expensive! So to help illustrate this point a little better, here is a guide for how an image crops when printed at different sizes:

| for horizontal |

Ashley McCormick Photography crop ratios

| and for vertical |

crop ratios vertical

Now, the BEST thing that you can do is to order prints through your photographer! They will make sure each image is cropped so that the photo still includes what’s most important: you! and not something on the side of the image. But if you are wanting to print your own photos, knowing how much a crop changes your photo is important for your frames. I hope this helped someone understand crop ratios a bit more, and that the next time you order prints they come out beautifully!

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