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From Amanda:

“Unconditional love. I never understood the true meaning of unconditional love until I had children. Then it all made sense. They love me as I am. Sick or healthy, bald or not, home or hospital, they have never wavered in their love. They have never strayed from my side or flinched at other kids asking questions. These two gems are proud to call me mommy and have never denied a kiss or hug. They love each other equally, and have hearts of gold. They love my bald head and counting my scars, asking endless questions. In their eyes, I am not different, I am not sick, I am simply a very loved mother of the two most loving babies. They are nothing short of amazing to be such beautiful souls. Last week, Charlotte removed my hat and said, “mommy, your hair is so soft, you no need hat anymore”. At just 2 years old, she knows. This week, Wyatt informed me that he wants to be a Doctor when he grows up. Specifically to work in the hospital in Orlando where I spent so much time, so he can help fix other sick mommies. He said he loves when we help other people and he wants to do the same. My heart melts for these two. We created them, yet they save us.

Thank you for capturing these pictures of pure love and joy. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your motherhood journey in photography.
Motherhood is not always glamorous, but the love my children show me daily is my biggest blessing, and I am forever grateful for that unconditional love. I don’t need hair to be happy, as a kiss from these angels make the world right every day. Thank you, Ashley, for capturing the true rawness of our love. I am forever grateful.”


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Motherhood Portraits

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